Recommended web browsers

Recommended browsers

Here's a list of browsers we support and where to get them.


Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Google Chrome (latest versions)


Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox (latest versions)

Browsers we don't support

Browsers we don't support include:

  • Netscape

  • Opera browser (all versions)

  • Firefox 1.x or 2.x on all platforms (we encourage you to upgrade to the latest version)

  • Microsoft IE 9, IE 8, IE 6 and earlier for Windows

  • Microsoft IE for MacOS 9 and MacOS X

  • Microsoft WebTV, MSN TV, or MSN TV2

  • Safari 1.2x and below for MacOS X

  • AOL for Mac OS 9 (all versions)

  • All other unlisted browsers

Please use one of the recommended browsers listed above. We don't recommend using customized browsers (for example, AOL customizing Internet Explorer) because you may experience problems.